Reprodex believes in protecting the environment. Within our activities we constantly work on prevention and limitation of environmental burden. We continuously keep trying to improve our environmental performance by reducing waste  and energy consumption.  We are an environmentally aware company!

ISO 14001
Reprodex has set up a management system in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard and we are proud that since March 2008 we are certified.

Recycling & WEEE
All machines which enter our warehouse are thoroughly tested and must pass a copy before they are exported. Test copies are attached to each machine. WEEE legislation prevents electrical and electronic waste being exported, consequently Reprodex only sells machines which are in working condition.

Our experienced technical team will repair minor problems. Machines which have irreparable technical problems will be transported by a certified waste transporter to Sims Recycling Solutions, which is market leader in recycling electrical and electronic waste. Reprodex receives certificates of destruction for all products which are being offered for recycling.

Training of personnel
We educate and train our employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner and aim to reduce consumption of resources wherever possible.

We constantly seek to minimize harmfull emissions and pollutions wherever possible. 

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