Reprodex was founded in 1992 by Englishman David Ede who worked in the used copier export branch in the U.K for several years. Having brought the same concept to the Netherlands it soon became evident that the quality of material in the Netherlands was of a high standard. Due to this Reprodex has been able to establish an excellent reputation in the used copier world for supplying good quality machines at competitive prices. The sales team now comprises David Ede, llona Janssen, Edmond Wintraecken, Michel Baten and Tim Maessen who all have years of experience working in this field. The warehouse is managed by Peter Goijen who has been in the business since 1997.

Reprodex B.V. tel:  +31 43 408 3536
Veilingweg 4 fax: +31 43 408 3482
6247 EP Gronsveld   The Netherlands e-mail: info@reprodex.com