Warehouse & Packing

Our warehouse comprises 10.000 m2 of storage-space, and offers 3 loading-docks for loading or unloading 3 containers or trucks simultaneously. Our warehouse team of 16 people have years of experience in packing and loading orders.
We can pack and load per pallet, truck or container to your specifications.

As most of our machines are transported overseas we have great experience in loading containers. We can load 20ft and 40ft containers of stacked machines or with a double floor. Our warehouse team will calculate to maximize space utilisation and guarantee the safety of your goods.
Reprodex B.V. tel:  +31 43 408 3536
Veilingweg 4 fax: +31 43 408 3482
6247 EP Gronsveld   The Netherlands e-mail: info@reprodex.com